Katy Cropper

About Katy

The first woman to win One Man and His Dog and passionate about training dogs, Katy has been bringing the best out of her animals for over 40 years.

Katy and her daughter Henrietta live on their farm in the heart of the Cumbrian fells where she trains dogs and breeds Scotch Black Face sheep.

In 2013 Katy was the first female winner of the English National Brace Championship, along with her dogs Tsavo and Scrum.

She has represented England at the International over 7 times and prior to the Covid lockdown in 2020, she represented England again on the BBC One Man and His Dog with her doubles pair Butch and Abi.

Katy spends her days out on the fells, sheparding and gathering and training young dogs for farmers and trialists with weekends occasionally spent competing with her team of fully trained dogs at trials throughout the country.

Katy also occasionally breeds a litter of black Labrador pups, follow her to keep updated!

Get In Touch:

For information regarding training of your sheepdog or obedience training for unruly pets, please contact via email or call her on 07836 586878.

You can also keep in touch via Facebook where you will see regular updates on life and work on the fells.