Katy Cropper

Shap Sheepdog Trial

Shap Sheepdog Trial at the end of May was a real success! We had 74 dogs competing this year, the course was tough and Tsavo and I were knackered after letting sheep out all day. We didn’t compete at our Trial as I always think it’s cheating to run at your own! The winners were:

Alan Common with Ben – 1st Place, Gordon Watt and Reba, Jock Welsh and Cree, Richard Briggs and Fly, Colin Armstrong with Mona and Tom Huddleston with Ola.

Ricky Hutchinson judged and as usual Mike Beaty did the booking in. The trial was hard for me to do in one way as Tommy Capstick who I started the Trial with 5 years ago was in his last days and passed away 9th June – I will always run the Trial in memory of him.

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