Katy Cropper


Zac, Tsavo & Flash

Zac had toxoplasmosis in his muscles . He picked it up in 2013 and is now back to full form. He won 8 open trials last summer, Tsavo won 7. They will be competing in the brace and the singles at the national this year 2017. Flash, my nursery bitch from 2015 has a second […]

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Shap Sheepdog Trial

Shap Sheepdog Trial at the end of May was a real success! We had 74 dogs competing this year, the course was tough and Tsavo and I were knackered after letting sheep out all day. We didn’t compete at our Trial as I always think it’s cheating to run at your own! The winners were: […]

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English Nationals

August and the English Nationals – the dogs (Tsavo and Zac) were ready for it and so was I – up to the week before when I damaged my back just before Macclesfield trials – really painful and put me off my stride – ‘though the dogs won the brace at Macclesfield as I hobbled […]

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Katy on Come Dine With Me!

Channel4’s ‘Come Dine with Me’ shown at Easter gave me chance to wear all my glad rags!! I never go anywhere!! It was an experience, long hours and late nights and then getting up at the crack of dawn to train my dogs!

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